The best education is not given to students; it is drawn out of them - Gerald Belcher.


Teaching Experience

Spring 2021

Instructor, Research Design for Social and Policy Scientists, EPPS 2301. UT Dallas.

This course provides students a solid foundation for further study of research methods. Topics include: philosophy of science, logic of inquiry, role of theory, articulating research questions, types of research design, qualitative approaches, transforming concepts into measurable indicators, producing data, and assessing validity of conclusions.


Fall 2020

Instructor, Political Economy of Developing Countries, IPEC 4302. UT Dallas.

Students test hypotheses from seminal political and economic theories and attempt to explain the underlying causes of the divergent paths of development between countries


Spring 2020

Instructor, Quantitative Analysis in the Social and Policy Sciences, EPPS 2302, UT Dallas

Students are introduced to statistical analysis in social and policy science research. They also learn to apply software to data visualizations and cause-effect interactions with regression models


Summer 2019

Instructor, Political Economy of Africa, IPEC 4308. UT Dallas

Students review and apply political and economic theories to development in Africa, including on institutions, conflict, democratization, natural resources, industrialization, debt, trade, and China


2016 - 2020

Teaching Assistant, UT Dallas

- Political Economy of Industrialized Countries, Politics of International Finance